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Our Story

It’s been over twenty years since we moved out to western New Jersey in search of an old farmhouse with some acreage and a barn. Historic preservationists with our old car hobby in mind, we looked for a few years for the perfect property. Ideally, we wanted a great old farm house and a barn for the cars and we landed in White Township.


Unfortunately, the barn which was once a part of a several hundred acre farm including the farm house in which we reside, had been parceled off and a fence separated the two properties; the rest of the acreage over the years being sold and subdivided. The barn, then being owned by an elderly gentleman, Jack and his wife was closed up for years and not for sale. It had been for the better part of 40 years an antique co-op, and our sneak peaking inside revealed that the barn was full to the rafters with furnishings and oddities. Over the years we made it know to Jack that we were interested. After spending years on restoring the farm house, and ready for a new project, Jack happened to approach us just at the right time, and offer the barn for sale to us. We purchased the barn ‘as is’ meaning no inspections and with all it’s contents…good and bad; that was the deal. Looking at all our options, with all this ‘stuff’ we now owned (10,000 square feet of stuff!), we opted to open up and sell off all the merchandise. Vendors showed interest in space and we re-opened the then known, and now known again, as “Jack’s Barn”.

As time marched on, a couple came upon us in the Shoppe, and inquired if we’d consider allowing them to wed in the loft. For the life of us we couldn’t understand why but after being introduced to Pinterest and realizing the barn wedding trend, we gave it a shot. Word of mouth traveled, and many more requests came.


Passionate about restoration, we did our best to upgrade the barn with modern amenities (heating, air-conditioning, indoor bathrooms, adequate power, parking and lighting) while doing our best to maintain the integrity of the barn and its charm.

This is Us


Darren & Chris

In Provincetown, 29 years ago, the two met and have been together ever since. In 2015, Chris and Darren officially tied the knot themselves after years of helping others plan their perfect wedding. Today, they are the owners of The Loft at Jack's Barn. 

Demi & Casey

In May of 2019, after 8 years, Demi and Casey were married at Jack's Barn.  They work together to help future marriers create their dream wedding. Demi works primarily as the House Manager, acting as the liaison between the couples, venue, and vendors. Casey is often behind the scenes, maintaining the venue and grounds. 

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