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Beanstalk Foods

A note from our founders:

 As many of you know,  we, Loft Enterprises have a few locations/venues under our umbrella: The Loft at Jack’s Barn, Twenty Belvidere, The Root Cellar,  and Cold Springs Farm.  We’re now adding food to the mix with Beanstalk Foods! Beanstalk Foods is our catering company exclusively serving our Loft Enterprises locations...and beyond!  Our Chef, Matt Pozarycki has over 30 years of experience and our Loft Team is embracing his knowledge and skill set to take us to the next level.  To say we are excited is an understatement at best.  This is something we always thought of doing, and of course no moss grows under our step!

Adding to our staff is Candice Pozarycki who will be our sous Chef and pastry Chef; partnering with Matt this dynamic duo are ready! EVERYTHING we make is from scratch, from sauces to baked goods and so much more!! We are very honored and blessed that we can do this and are very excited for the future!! 


Thank you all for always supporting us and we look forward to seeing you in the future!!


Chris Pozarycki & Darren Muso (Proprietors)

Gretchen Pozarycki (Business Office Manager)

Demi Oram (House Manager)

Matt Pozarycki (Executive Chef)

Candice Pozarycki ( Sous and Pastry Chef)

Casey Oram (Property Manager)

The best food in town for your bridal shower, baptism, wedding, or birthday party! 

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